Annual physical exam: The health check up cost and other basics

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Annual physical exam: The health check up cost and other basics

Getting annual physical examinations can be considered a luxury for other people or a privilege for employees of big companies who pay for their annual PE. Going for a regular doctor’s appointment is exhausting and a bit of a hassle, what more if you need a thorough and comprehensive visit like this yearly executive check-up. Not to mention the health check up cost! But you need to understand the importance of having an annual health examination. For better understanding, an experienced dentist in Cabramatta explains why annual check ups are necessary. But what can you expect when you have an annual physical exam?

Components of a physical examination

Typically, what will be included in your annual physical exam will be determined by the reason you need it. However, there are several doctors nowadays who are proactive and are advocates of disease prevention, so they make sure that you are thoroughly examined from head to foot.

History taking. This allows the doctor to know your family history, allergies, lifestyle, potential hereditary conditions, everything that can help determine the etiology of your disease,  what labs to request, and the plan of treatment suitable for you.

Vital signs. The doctor gets your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate to get an idea about how you are feeling at the time of examination.

General exam. As your doctor is questioning you, he is already gathering information about your health.  This includes your physical appearance, your demeanor, posture, mental condition, etc.

Review of systems. This is where your doctor examines your whole body via your body systems – respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, digestive, neurological, dermatological, and more. A genitourinary exam would surely differ from men and women. Of course, a dental exam can also be included.

Laboratory tests. After your physical exam and interview, your doctor will request laboratory studies to further check your current health condition. This will either confirm or negate your physical findings. The laboratory exams to be requested may depend on the doctor’s preliminary exam, but it often includes complete blood count, urinalysis, and blood chemistry panel.

health check up costHow much can health check up cost?

For regular trips to your doctor, you can expect a fee of $50 to $100 per visit, while specialists charge $250 or more for a single consultation. For an annual physical exam, since this is more comprehensive than a regular doctor’s appointment, expect a price tag of $200 and above.

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