Calcified Root Canal: Causes and Treatment

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Calcified Root Canal: Causes and Treatment

Root canal is a popular treatment for tooth decay.  A dental professional based in Kellyville, Dental Wellness explains the root canal necessity.  Accordingly, when the decay reaches beyond the enamel and gets to the nerve structure of your tooth (called pulp), the problem becomes serious. By this point, the inflammation and pain caused by the decay is irreversible. Also, the nerve structure starts to die. To avoid worsening of the problem and treat the condition, the root canal treatment is administered. While a typical root canal isn’t a difficult procedure, a calcified root canal can be a nightmare for dentists as well.

What are calcified root canals?

A canal in your tooth is the space right in the middle of the tooth root. The space usually consists of pulp tissue which is nerve and vascular tissue. A canal in the tooth is supposed to be calcified when the space shrinks. When this happens, it’s difficult for the dentist to get the smallest of tools down there due to the deposition of calcium.

Causes of calcified root canals

A number of reasons and factors contribute to the problem of calcified canals. Longstanding tooth decay is one of the main causes of calcified canals. Injuries are another reason for the condition. In order to protect the pulp tissue from decay, the body may shrink the space in the canal, leading to calcified canals.

However, aging is the main cause of a calcified tooth. As the body ages, the supply of blood slows down. When this happens, your teeth has less access to blood supply, leading to calcification. calcified root canal

Treatment of calcified root canals

The procedure to cure a calcified canal is similar to a regular canal. However, before the root canal treatment is rendered, the dentist needs to clean the calcium deposits between the canals. The procedure takes a lot of time and patience. Once the calcium deposits are cleared using intricate tools, the regular root canal procedure is followed.

Bottom line

A calcified root canal can invite severe dental problems to the sufferer. However, it’s possible to heal the condition through a qualified dentist or orthodontist. After cleaning the canal, the dentist will administer the root canal treatment to cure the condition.

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