Can Stress Cause Acne

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Can Stress Cause Acne

Many people noticed acne during stress. That’s why dermatologists and scientist start research to understand whether can stress cause acne. Indeed, they found a link between stress and acne. However, the link and its reasons aren’t straight, so it needs additional proof. Many studies discovered that the main reason should be the fact that there is a link between stress and sebum production. Notably, sebum production plays a major role in acne.

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Another explanation of stress and acne correlation is that during stress thyroid stimulating hormones are being changed that make skin more vulnerable. As for more stress also increases the production of other sex-related hormones. Our skin can be clear again when these hormones are normalized. can stress cause acne. It affects other parts of our body as well. For example, during stress, many people gain or lose weight or have blood pressure changes.

Let’s see what are the most reasons that can cause acne during stress.

  • During stress, we usually change our eating. We can eat more or less, or eat comfort food for us, such as sweet cakes, ice creams, or use fast & spicy food. This can be the most common can stress cause acne. This kind of poor diet can cause dramatic changes in our bodies. So, it is very important to eat healthy food during stress. Moreover, it will help us not only to be healthy but also to cope with stress and be strong.
  • Another important factor for our healthy skin is sleep. You may probably know that many people don’t sleep well during the stress. And here we have one more reason for acne.
  • Stress makes us to unconsciously get bad habits like smoking, drinking. And if you already have a acne, this will increase it more.
  • Have you seen how stressful people behave? They usually pick at their skin which can cause skin infections and acne.

Now, it is obvious that stress causes acne. But here is the fact. Seemingly, acne causes stress. So, we need to be very careful with our skin and always have doctor’s advice when choosing treatment for acne.

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