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How To Get Straight Teeth

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How To Get Straight Teeth

How could you ever enjoy your smile when you have teeth which are not straightened? For sure you will always lose your confidence and feel inferior when you are amidst your friends. For a good reason, they will be seeing your teeth and turn them into a topic of discussions. But you do not have to worry because you will find a long-lasting solution to make your straight teeth in 4 months.

Cosmetic contouring

Many people do find themselves with a problem of not being able to smile especially where people are. This happens when they have misshapen tooth or teeth. But as an assurance, cosmetic contouring is the best option you have been looking for. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes for this procedure to be completed. The work of your orthodontist doctor is to ensure he or she alters the length and shape of the tooth having the problem. Sanding drill/laser is used in this case to remove part of your enamel until the desired shape is attained, this forms the solution to your problem

Use of Invisalign

With this method, you can always regain your lost smile. There are specific aligners which are designed for every patient to get their teeth in order. As time goes by, the tray will ensure that your teeth have moved to the direction anticipated by your orthodontist. You may wish to compare these aligners with the traditional braces, but you must understand that they are designed to make every patient comfortable. They are made up of a plastic which is very clear and fully fit in your teeth. For maintenance purposes, you are expected to be moving your trays after every two months until you teeth get back in line.

Metal Braces

When metal braces are used to straighten your teeth, then expect to see bonding material, brackets, ligature elastic and an archwire. They help in ensuring enough pressure is exerted so that the teeth can be moved in the direction desired by the patient. As time goes by, the teeth shall have shifted to the desired position. This may take approximately two years, so you will have to wear your braces all this period.

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Find a dentist who can offer 24 hour dental care

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Find a dentist who can offer 24 hour dental care

You can never tell when and why your tooth pain may occur hence the need to find a dentist who can offer 24 hour dental care. When a toothache occurs it won’t wait for the appointment with the dentist; it can happen any time any day. Various clinics, like this dentist near Gymea, have now arranged their services in such a way that 24/7 dental care is possible. You don’t have to worry and control your tears overnight or over the weekend as such dental care clinics are now open for all the dental needs.

Whether you have a history with your tooth pain or in a good state, it’s always important to keep close contact with a dentist who can offer 24 hour dental care. Factoring the damages that can be caused by 24 hour dental care for emergency casesprolonged pain, any abnormal feeling on your tooth must, therefore, be examined and returned to the norm within the shortest time possible. When you are in a dental care emergency need, having tips on how to reach your dentist with ease will save you both on cost and time. You can have a direct contact where you can reach the dentist and explain your situation before you can start the journey to the clinic. Such dentists are very important with the core value set to offer the best services and reduce tooth pain before further treatment is set in place. Cases such as accidents are very crucial and can be handled perfectly with services on 24 hour basis.

Take note that usually dentists who can offer 24 hour services and in general practicioners that are on call even during weekends can be more expensive than others so you will need to be prepared for the extra cost. Do some research in your area to know which clinics offer emergency dental services so that you know who to call when you are in need.

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Your Beautiful Smile Needs Care

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Your Beautiful Smile Needs Care

Do not wait to lose your beautiful smile, you should care enough to preserve it. Scroll down this article and read more about dental care.

Common Dental Problems

No matter what your age is, you need to take care of your teeth. Anytime any dental problem can happen. The most common teeth problems include decay, sensitivity, plaque, gum disease, and bad breath.

-Tooth decay cause harm to the enamel that protects your teeth.

-Sensitivity accounts for the sudden reaction when hot or cold drink or food is taken. Temperature fluctuations cause pain and discomfort. Beware of icecreams or very hot beverages.

-In plaque, sticky layer of bacteria is formed and gets accumulated on teeth where toothbrushes can’t reach. Sugary foods are the main cause of plaque. Many of the other foods also cause the bacteria to produce acids.

-The cause of gum disease is  usually dental plaque. The bacteria in plaque cause the gums to become inflamed and bleed easily. This causes receding gums and loss of supporting bone.

-Bad breath is caused by food particles remaining between the teeth.

Appropriate Measures to Be Taken

To protect oral health one needs to practice good mouth hygiene every day. Simple steps include:

-Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

-Use toothpaste that contains fluoride, prevents tooth decay and cavities

-Avoid foods and beverages that contain a lot of sugar

-Avoid using tobacco products as they can cause gum disease

-Use a tongue cleaner and floss on a daily basis

-Schedule regular trips to the dentist

Your Beautiful Smile Needs Care By you and Your dentist

All dental clinics are well equipped but make sure about the services they offer. Services most clinics offer include teeth cleaning, tooth fillings, teeth whitening, fluoride treatment, tooth extractions, tooth implants, dentures, orthodontics.

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Emergency Dental Care For Your Braces

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Emergency Dental Care For Your Braces

Some of the standard emergency dental problems that may require the immediate attention of your orthodontist include bleeding gums, knocked out tooth, broken braces etc. You can read more about emergency dental care for braces at, where you will find information about traditional and invisible braces.


During emergency dental care for your braces, you need to perform the following:

 Broken or loose brackets• Broken or loose brackets

Brackets are attached to the gums by an adhesive material. The chances are that when you face distress, then they may end up breaking or getting loose. To deal with the emergency, you can skid the brackets with tweeters to ensure it’s between your two teeth. Turn it to its initial position and skid it back to the middle of the right tooth. If dealing with this situation appear to be head, then it’s wise to contact your dentists for further care.

• Mouth discomfort

Having to deal with the side effect of braces may be sometimes difficult. One of the common ones is that it may cause some sore wounds in your mouth which may hinder you from eating comfortably. You can always use soft food to avoid more problems. If this may not be favoring you, then topical anesthetic having benzocaine can significantly help you to reduce the pain.

• Loose ligature bands or wire

Eliminate the ligature wire that may have to loosen using a tweezer. The cables that may have stuck in the lip yet they aren’t loose may be bent carefully using a cotton swab. Shall the ligature bond detach itself, then replace it using tweezers

• Cheek and Lip Irritation

Whenever you feel some cheek and lip irritation, you need to check for a piece of cotton or dental wax. You can role the dental wax into a small ball, make it flat and. Then you can cover the area that is being irritated using the rolled and flattened dental wax. In situations where you can’t obtain the dental wax, then you can use orange peel or piece of wet cotton.

All these emergency conditions may seem manageable, but the important thing is that whenever you encounter a situation that is beyond your control, then you should always contact your orthodontist doctor for an immediate diagnosis.

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Some Oral Care Habits To Know

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Some Oral Care Habits To Know

Good oral hygiene minimizes the chances of developing gum diseases. Your oral health has an effect on more than just your teeth. Poor oral and dental health can contribute to issues with your self-esteem, speech, or nutrition. They can also affect your comfort and overall quality of life. Many dental and oral problems develop without any symptoms. A group of experienced dentists in have shared some tips for better dental hygiene.

Herein are some oral hygiene facts – habits that need you to break:

Some Oral Care HabitsGood oral hygiene means the proper regular flossing and brushing of teeth. Teeth should be brushed at least twice daily. A soft-bristled toothbrush and bacteria fighting toothpaste should be used. Teeth should be flossed at least once daily, or after every meal. Flossing should be done gently, and the floss should not be forced between teeth.

Tobacco use should be avoided, and the mouth should be regularly checked for sores. Any sores, redness or unusual changes should be reported to your dentist. If your teeth have experienced trauma and have been chipped, broken or become loose, you should seek immediate dental care.

To help keep healthy gums, mouthwash should be used in the evening after brushing teeth for the last time that day. Powerful mouthwashes kill all bacteria in the mouth including the “good” bacteria, so long-term mouthwash use is not recommended at all since will with time cause resistant overgrowth of pathogens.

Antibacterial products or antibiotics that usually protect our gums against bacteria causing infections and viruses can be put into use to stop bacterial and viral multiplication in our mouths.

The key to preventing infection is keeping the inside of the mouth clean and following proper oral hygiene habits. Taking a few moments from the day to make the appropriate steps to avoid infection are well worth it.

To succeed in battling gum diseases is applying the oral hygiene habits that we know. We should think first to fight bacteria that causes the whole problem and particular spearmint and peppermint oil species are proven to be anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and also anti-fungal. Protect yourself against gum diseases today.

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Work Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

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Work Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

Your work might have an impact on your overall health. Here are the five often overlooked work habits that can wreck your teeth. You can check out with Box Hill dental clinic to know more about the usual habits that lead your dental wreck.

Chewing on pencils

Chewing on pens and pencils during work is something most of us do. The problem is, we do it subconsciously. This is an almost always overlooked lousy habit in the workplace or anywhere. When you bite on a pen or pencil, it wears down edges of teeth, making them fragile.

Caffeine addiction

Firstly, coffee kills the look. It’s acidity, and dark flavor causes stained teeth. Caffeine dries your mouth, giving cavities and bad breath. Replace your latte with green tea. Skip your cup of coffee for an extra glass of water. About discoloration of your teeth, treat these easiest of stains with dental whitening.

Lesser brushing

When you work long shifts, especially at nights, don’t disturb your regular schedule. If you have the habit of brushing at night, carry your brush to the office. Don’t wait till you get back home. Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste and handy container of floss in your bag or desk. It can be of help during lunch break too.

Work HabitsSmoking breaks

Cigarettes can stain your teeth. It wrecks your teeth through gum diseases. Cut back on your smoking breaks and eventually consider quitting it. If it’s so hard to stop, think about the smile. E-cigarettes too contain small amounts of nicotine, which is detrimental to gum health.

Replacing openers with teeth

Opening stuff with teeth is a habit that makes dentists cringe. Some people are born ready for that in the workplace, holding pins in their mouth. People rip open packaging using incisors. Such habits take away the enamel and make teeth prone to breakage. Find that scissors and proper opening tools from office supplies right away!

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