Climbing Stairs For Weight Loss (Inexpensive Fitness Method)

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Climbing Stairs For Weight Loss (Inexpensive Fitness Method)

Losing weight does not have to expensive. There are basic ways you can do for weight loss, such as climbing up the stairs. However, if you are looking for equipment to enhance your stair climbing, check out to enjoy it even more.


Exercise inexpensively

Some people usually think of options for weight loss are beyond budget. There are plenty of exercises a budgetary can afford. It might even be at the comfort of their own homes. Others may have thoughts that exercising is great when you are at the gym, using different fitness equipment. Equipment does enhance your level of exercise, but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to get fit.

There are several ways to do fitness exercise without spending so much money on it. For example, walking, running, climbing stairs, and even doing household chores can contribute to a person’s weight loss. In fact, these options are mostly part of our everyday routine. It will only change our outlook with that activity by turning it into a fitness routine.

In this article, let us focus on how climbing stairs is beneficial to your overall general health and how it can fully change your life, now and then!


Climbing the stairs

Stairs are almost everywhere. It is time to make the best out of it, and gain the benefits from it. How can we do that?

If in case you are a person who wants to lose weight, this one is for you. Here are the reasons why you should start climbing the stairs regularly:

  1. You can do climb a stair to reduce weight and burn calories. Stair climbing increases the opportunity to lose weight. In fact, climbing stairs in a matter of time helps burn enough rate of calories which leads to gradual weight loss, compared to walking.
  2. Stair climbing helps improve the health of the heart by increasing good cholesterol inside the body. Additionally, it also improves blood circulation wherein it carries the nutrients needed by the body.
  3. It even increases the production of endorphins that helps us feel happier. It makes your body feel light and healthy.
  4. Stair climbing develops the muscles resulting in increased strength. The person’s capability to perform activities is also increased for this reason.
  5. Congruently, the endurance of the body is also improved in this manner. It helps reduce the risk of losing balance and acquiring strains from daily activities.
  6. Aside from burning calories and others mentioned above, the person’s mental health is also improved while doing this simple activity. This results in having a better sleeping pattern and a relaxed state of mind. It helps improve self-esteem and heightens confidence level.

baby steps upStair climbing is an inexpensive type of workout you can almost do everywhere. You can do it even when you are at work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator if your destination is not that far. You will surely benefit from it, basically. Little by little, your calories are gradually burning down. You will lose weight in no particular time.

Climbing the stairs is considered one of the best cardio-exercise that you could put yourself into. There will be no need for fitness programs to do this exercise. Everyone has learned this, even at such a young age. Wouldn’t it be amazing to exercise in such an inexpensive way?


How often should you climb the stairs?

Initially, 15 minutes of stair climbing daily is enough for a beginner. This will help you catch up and adjust to your new fitness activity to burn calories. You can adjust every day according to your capacity. Each day, you will find yourself totally adjusted with the routine. You won’t even notice that you are naturally adjusting the number of flights you take to climb the stairs.

You can do alternate routines in a day or two, such as stair climbing today then jogging at the park the other day. Your adjustments to all that you want is no longer a concern. Since your exercise routine is now in your hands and for you to personally decide.

Imagine life when you can reduce the risk of having health issues. For example, (1)Heart disease, (2)Stroke, (3)Cancer, (4)Obesity, and (5)Diabetes. These are only a few. There are more benefits in store for you when you climb stairs.

You can always have considerations with your fitness routines, as long as you maintain it regularly. Climbing stairs does not only help you with losing weight. It also brings changes to your life. Why?

If you decided to climb stairs as part of your daily exercise, you could actually do it at home if you have stairs. As a result, you don’t have to change your wardrobe fully to get into exercising. Just slip on with your shoes, then start your climbing. Doing exercise at the comfort of your own home is brilliant! Whatever the weather is, you can do it. Rain or shine, you are good to go!


Aside from home, where could a stair be?

climb up for fitnessA simple answer to a simple question. Stairs are almost everywhere. They are in offices, universities,  2-storey buildings, stations, overpasses and many more. You only have to challenge yourself up to take the stairs and not the other ways.

It takes courage and discipline to practice yourself taking the stairs. If you put your 100% dedication in it, you will succeed. You will reach that point that it’s regular for you to take the stairs and gain your daily benefits from it.

Nobody would even notice you’re exercising since it’s already a part of your daily activities. It will definitely make you stronger and healthier. There’s no need to have second thoughts now. Take the stairs. Climb it.

The stairs are totally free, and you benefitted a lot! Nobody should let go of an opportunity to get fit through an inexpensive method for weight loss.

Please climb now and see the best results for your overall general health, consequently.



“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!” -Zig Ziglar.

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