Dark Gumline: Causes and Treatment

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Dark Gumline: Causes and Treatment

Who wants to have pearly white teeth with dark gumline? No one! So when people are searching for ways to whiten or straighten their teeth, they also inquire about ways to lighten the color of their gums. Get to know the causes of having black gums and what we can do to resolve this discoloration. For more information, visit this page.

Causes of having a dark gum line

  1. Their body itself. Some people have more melanin, or skin pigment, in their body, which in turn can dictate the color of your eyes, skin, and hair. Dentists also associate having dark gums to having increased melanin in the body.
  2. Smoking. As usual, this is the vice that causes a lot of health problems. Not only does smoking affect the lungs, teeth, and your breathing, but it can also affect the color of your gums. Complete cessation of cigarettes and tobacco are encouraged
  3. Drugs. Not the illegal ones, but the prescribed ones. While these prescribed medications alleviate the symptoms it needs to address, they also carry some side effects that affect the gums. Like using minocycline; it is used to clear out acne marks, but it can also darken or discolor the gums.
  4. Medical conditions. Some patients suffering from Addison’s disease or Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome complain of getting darker lips and gums.

Treatment for dark gums

dark gumlineFor a doctor or dentist to address the problem, he must know where it came from. We have to know what caused the discoloration. For example, people with medical conditions that caused the dark gums to need to address the disease first and the color change will follow. You can also start quitting smoking and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Looking your best and showing off your radiant smile should reflect what is really happening on the inside. We are all beautiful in our different ways, but improving what we have is not bad either as long as it is not going to harm your body and others.

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