Is Dental Floss Pick An Effective Dental Care Product?

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Is Dental Floss Pick An Effective Dental Care Product?

Flossing is already a part of proper oral hygiene that you should regularly carry out. From a traditional floss to the usage of a dental floss pick, changes have been rapid. Well, all for the dental benefits of every individual. Dental care is essential, so check this website and book your appointment with them now.

Flossing your teeth removes dental plaques and prevent its continuous build-up in your mouth. Flossing is a way to remove the food particles stuck in between your teeth that toothbrushing may not remove. It allows the promotion of healthy gums and teeth. Let us focus on an example of a tool designed for flossing.


Dental floss pick

It is a D-shaped piece of plastic with a handle. There is a short, piece of floss stretched between the two posts. Using a string of traditional floss, you will wrap a long piece of dental floss around your fingers and proceed with your flossing. However, using a dental floss pick, it is much more comfortable. Since it is already pre-threaded and with a handle, you can floss easier.

It gently works in between your teeth in like manner as that of conventional floss. It has the same function of removing plaque and food particles. Additionally, you can use the other end of the pick instead of a wooden toothpick to remove particles in your gum line and in between the teeth.

You can watch the video below to know how you can achieve a good flossing outcome using picks to clean in between your teeth.


Common types of picks

Some picks are entirely disposable, while others have refillable heads. Nowadays, you can also buy picks that match a no-slip grip that will make it easier for you to hold. There are also picks designed to work as a tongue scraper.

Aside from that, picks are designed in small sizes, making it applicable also for children use. Out of our modern and hi-tech world, battery-powered picks are also available. This type of pick even vibrates that massages your gums while cleaning.

Water picks are also available. Its difference with a regular type of pick is that a stream of water comes out and aims between your teeth. However, it does not clean the spaces between the teeth thoroughly. So, they do not consider it as a good substitute for tooth brushing or flossing.


Below are some of the advantages you can get from using picks in your flossing.

  1. It is easy to use. You don’t have to wind and unwind floss in your fingers.
  2. The handle allows a good hold of the pick for more comfortable flossing.
  3. Due to its slim size, you can easily access the inner part of your mouth.
  4. It is also a portable type of dental care product.



Aside from the advantages inclined with picks, there are also noticeable drawbacks in them.

  1. The design of the picks will cause difficulty to do proper flossing technique in your mouth.
  2. Since you will be using a single pick in your entire mouth, particles and bacteria can transfer from one teeth to another. This condition can lead to an unhealthy oral environment inside your mouth.
  3. Other people experience difficulty using the picks as compared to traditional string floss.


Traditional floss vs picks, which is a better choice?

According to how both of them function in flossing,  it is more preferred to use traditional string floss. You can execute the proper technique of flossing using traditional string floss. In effect, you can successfully remove plaque and food particles in between your teeth. Furthermore, you can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria inside your mouth.

On the other hand, you can still use picks from time to time, even if they recommend traditional string floss. It would be best to consider which dental care product suits you as long as it provides the same healthy function to your teeth. It is better than not to floss at all.



Flossing is a valuable part of an oral care routine. It would be best if you floss at least once a day to secure the removal of food particles between your teeth and gum lines. Regardless of what type of flossing product you will use, the best thing is you flossed.

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