Nose Reconstruction Surgery

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Nose Reconstruction Surgery

Nose reconstruction surgery , or what is colloquially known as a nose job, and technically called a rhinoplasty, is the surgery of the nose to alter its shape, or to enhance its function, you can also see examples of nose lift in Perth. It can be done for medical reasons, such as to repair nasal deformities caused by birth defects, trauma or cancer. It can also be done for cosmetic purposes, to improve one’s appearance.

The main medical reason for nose reconstruction surgery are nasal deformities, which can result from two main causes:

  • Trauma-induced fracture or other injuries
  • Removal of nose cancer tissue

Hence, nose reconstruction surgery is performed to reshape or repair the damage caused to the nose, by lifting the skin and removing or rearranging the inner bones and cartilage in the nose, before re-draping the skin back on, and stitching it over the nose. In more complicated cases, the surgeon will make incisions across the base of the nasal cavity. The surgeon will place a nasal splint above the nose to ensure the shape of the nose is retained while the nose is recovering.

When done for cosmetic reasons, the reshaping of the inner bones and cartilage in the nose to result in a more attractive appearance is only done after a thorough discussion with the surgeon, who will examine the following concerns:

1. What bothers your about your nose?
2. How would you like to change it?
3. Are your expectations realistic?
4. What are the risks, healing duration, and expenses involved?
5. Does your health insurance cover for the procedure?

Clearly, this surgery is conducted after sedating the patient with local or general anesthesia. The former will prevent the patient from feeling any pair and be allowed to be relaxed as the nose is numbed, while the latter will put the patient to sleep during the surgery. However, as the nose reconstruction surgery is an outpatient procedure, the patient will not get to stay overnight.

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