What is a pneumatic compression device?

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What is a pneumatic compression device?

A pneumatic compression device is an air compressor specifically designed for dental surgeries. It has an advanced filtration system which provides effective and safe compressed air to equipment which needs airpower. It is usually kept in a clean environment to remain hygienic and safe for dentists’ to use. If you are interested with this device, click on the link and get the best deals for the Cattani compressor here.

The compression device produces natural moisture by squeezing all of the air molecules together, and it lowers the dew point of the air that’s compressed. The filtration system in the compression device will then remove any moisture that was captured.

The environment that the pneumatic compression device is kept in must be clean and spotless, otherwise, the air that’s produced could be compromised. For example, if the compression device is housed in a basement it could be compromised to damp. Dirty and wet air can also lead to corrosion or damage to the compressor.

It must also be stored in a place that’s easily accessible for maintenance. Pneumatic compression devices need their filters to be changed at least once a year, or more frequently depending on the advice from the manufacturer. Having the compressor stored in a place that can be easily accessed will help with regular filter changes. It will also be beneficial should the compressor break down or become faulty and needs to be replaced.

what is a pneumatic compression deviceThe dentists’ most important tools are powered by pneumatic compression devices and are strictly regulated to prevent patients from contamination. Because of this, a lot of dental practices will use an air compressor that’s oil-free. Oil-free air compressors are cost-effective and solve the problem of potential oil contamination.

It is important as a dentist practice to choose the right pneumatic compression device and store it in a clean and safe environment. If you choose one that is poorly made or store it in a basement, the air could get contaminated and potentially cause harm to your patients.

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