Pros And Cons Of Having Preventative Botox Treatment

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Pros And Cons Of Having Preventative Botox Treatment

Nobody, particularly the females like wrinkles to appear on their faces and many of them take adequate measures to get rid of this condition. Some of them consider preventative botox injections to be an authentic solution to this issue. However, there are several advantages as well as disadvantages of having preventative botox treatments and it’s up to the medical practitioners to decide which way to go. If you wish to have it , the botox in Perth has become popular for their high quality so you might wanna consider it. Meanwhile, here are some significant advantages and drawbacks of having preventative botox treatment.

The Pros:

1. It’ll help to tighten your skin. Botox actually functions by latching onto the proteins which cause muscle contactions. Still muscles will imply smooth skin.

2. Botox injections won’t take much time and it’s less time-consuming as compared to a manicure. Moreover, it’ll take only about 10 days to get the desired results.

3. The process is quite simple and as compared to surgery, there’s no downtime with this treatment. The Botox will be injected by the practitioner and within less than 60 minutes there’ll be almost no negative effect of the procedure.

4. It’ll feel fine. Your face will only feel a quick prick of the needle, and that’s all!

5. The person will feel confident regarding herself after getting the treatment and this will help her to achieve success in life.

The Cons: preventative botox

1. The treatment is temporary and will usually last for only a few months. The fact that one needs to take these injections at regular intervals makes the treatment somewhat tiresome.

2. The treatment can be somewhat expensive given that you need to get the injections every 3 to 6 months for the remaining part of your life.

3. Your life is going to revolve around these injections.

4. There’s a slim possibility of a loss of facial expressions. Although most of the doctors and dentists are experienced and skilled, one cannot rule out this particular issue.

5. The treatment might make you worried regarding your appearance even when you mustn’t.


Prior to getting these treatments, make it a point to come in touch with an experienced doctor who’ll be able to treat you properly. It’s a fact that prevention is better than cure; however, it’s you who has to take the ultimate decision.

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