Learning Rhinoplasty Post Op Care

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Learning Rhinoplasty Post Op Care

If you just had Rhinoplasty surgery, then you need to follow Rhinoplasty post-op instructions. We recommend you to read the instructions carefully without missing any point. If you’re interested in undergoing rhinoplasty, click this link AURhinoplastybrisbane cosmetic services to find out more.

After Surgery

Following the surgery, day make sure to stay with an adult especially in the night. If you especially come to any far place for your Rhinoplasty, then make a plan to stay in any hotel or lodge within 30 miles from the location of your surgery for the first day.

For the first two weeks following the surgery, you need to keep your head elevated as much as possible. You can achieve this by using a recliner, and while sleeping, you can use two pillows.

Daily Care

rhinoplasty post opTo quicken the healing process, you need to keep the stitches lubricated inside the nose. For this, it is recommended to lubricate the stitches three times a day with hydrogen peroxide using a Q-tip. After each process applies Vaseline ointment inside your nose.

You can take a bath but make sure your nose should be dry all the time. To avoid any water splash or moisture, you can use tape and splint.

If you notice any sign of bleeding, fever, pain, redness, unusual drainage, or infection, etc. then immediately report it to your surgeon.

To reduce the oiliness, you need to gently wash your nose twice a day after removal of the splint and tape.


For two weeks

  • avoid strenuous exercise.
  • avoid pull over clothes.
  • avoid wide mouth opening or yawing
  • say no to hard chewing foods
  • if you feel sneezing, then sneeze using your mouth
  • avoid sniffing or nose blowing through the nose

For six weeks avoid any contact sports

So these are some Rhinoplasty post-op care that you need to keep in your mind to get the maximum positive results. If you check the internet, then you will find a huge list of aftercare for rhinoplasty surgery, but here we keep it short and simple. We have added things that are important and can’t be ignored. If you have any question related to Rhinoplasty, then feel free to ask in the below comment section.

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