Self Care Assessment

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Self Care Assessment

Self-care assessment is an evaluation of one’s physical, social, spiritual, psychological and emotional activities. This assessment is very vital. It broadly enables us to know our performance on various aspects of this life. Hence, it should be mandatory for everybody to have self-assessment. However, it varies with different age groups. That is, some of the activities may be a priority to aging people and not a priority to young people. Self-assessment is good because it helps us to know our strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve the activities that require more attention.

Major Aspects of Self Care Assessment

  1. Eating a well-balanced diet. Good health is very important. Therefore, you should invest wisely in eating a proper diet. This includes eating meals that have all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for our bodies. A healthy body has good immunity which greatly helps to fight all kinds of diseases and infections in our bodies.
  2. Engaging in physical exercises daily. The body functions properly when you make it a routine to exercise daily. The blood circulates properly and it also boosts the immunity of the body. Hence, it should be taken very seriously.
  3. self care assessmentAvoiding stress completely. Life is not a bed of roses. There are ups and downs but you should never allow yourself to get overwhelmed by issues. Stress normally takes away our happiness. In extreme cases, it causes depression and even ulcers. You can avoid stress by keeping the company of your loved ones, listening to your favorite music and even watching movies.
  4. Treat yourself properly. This can include going for picnics, vacation, having dinner in the most expensive hotels, buying yourself good stuff among others. This indicates that you love yourself. Hence, you should be good to yourself at times. Being mean to your body is the greatest injustice you can do to yourself.

The above aspects are just but a few. The list is endless. However, they help us to have self-assessment. Having a daily worksheet on the different aspects can greatly enable you to do this evaluation.

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