Choosing the best sensitive teeth toothpaste

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Choosing the best sensitive teeth toothpaste

All people may have experienced having sensitive teeth at least once or twice in their lifetime. There are so many reasons why it happens. And there are so many instances in life that you can feel this stinging and irritating feeling on your teeth. Some dentists would recommend you to use sensitive teeth toothpaste to replace your regular ones, but does it really work? Let us find out how someone gets sensitive teeth and how to choose the best sensitive teeth toothpaste that would suit your needs and preference. If you need to see a dentist that knows a lot about sensitive teeth, consult with Dr. Jack Yang of Infinity Dental Care and visit his profile here to know more about him and his practice.


Why do we have teeth sensitivity?

There are so many culprits that we can blame for the awful sting that we feel every time we drink our coffee or cold water. One is having weak enamel or the surface of the teeth. If your enamel is weak, the nerves in the pulp get the impact of the extreme temperatures, making you feel sensitive and aching. Also, if your gums are receding, it may cause teeth sensitivity because the tooth roots where your nerves are located are now exposed to the external factors that affect the sting. Moreover, cavities and tooth decay also make your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity because of the same reason that the pulp becomes affected directly by the infections and extreme conditions meant to be fought by your teeth surface.

There are also some dental procedures that can cause teeth sensitivity. Teeth whitening can scrape off excess layers of the teeth just to bring out the normal shine of your pearly whites, so it can affect your sensitivity to extreme temperatures. Also, your habit of aggressively brushing and flossing may affect the integrity of your teeth and gums, making you prone to sting and aches.


What can a sensitive teeth toothpaste do?

choosing the right toothpasteIf faced with an episode of tooth sensitivity, a sensitive teeth toothpaste is bound to address that reason behind your complaint. Here are several ingredients that you can find in a toothpaste for sensitive teeth that are found to be effectively addressing your complaints.

Fluoride. This definitely is a no-brainer. For instance, if your teeth have weak enamel, a toothpaste that has a higher fluoride content can help strengthen the surface of your teeth, thus, avoiding any more sensitivity attacks.

Potassium Nitrate. There are also kinds of toothpaste that contain potassium nitrate, a chemical that allows the nerve impulses from your tooth pulp to be blocked from getting transmitted. Since your enamel has minute openings that go directly to your pulp, the chemical in the toothpaste blocks that path so pain will be ignored.

Complementing ingredients. There are also tubes of toothpaste specifically made to complement a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Toothpastes for teeth whitening contain chemicals that make the whitening much safer and less damaging to the enamel. Choosing to use a sensitive teeth toothpaste that also has whitening power is an easy option to avoid further teeth damage. Although this, if compared to in-office teeth whitening, offers lesser results, its efficiency can still be noticed and appreciated.

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