Some Mental Effect Of Smoking

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Some Mental Effect Of Smoking

There are a variety of effects associated with smoking. Mental effects which arise from smoking are related to the way an individual’s brain respond to nicotine substance. Nicotine dosage usually reaches the brain of an individual within a few seconds when smoking starts. They begin to experience improvement both in their concentration levels and mood, tend to lower stress and anger, reduces appetite and relaxes muscles.

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The immediate cause of daily nicotine dosages include brain changes which eventually cause withdrawal symptoms at the moment the levels of nicotine decreases. Among the mental effect of smoking include;


Many people believe that smoking cigarettes help to reduce the symptoms that are related to stress. It is a fallacy commonly referred to as self- medication’. The feelings associated with stress alter the behaviors of the smokers and lures them into drinking alcohol or smoking more than usual. The general feeling from smoking can change our behavior and makes someone feel full of stress more often. Also, prolonged smoking has been associated with depression and anxiety.


According to scientific research on smoking and stress, results have revealed that smoking raises tension and anxiety instead people take them to help them relax their mind. The feeling of relaxation after smoking is usually temporary. Increased cravings and withdrawal symptoms are the next encounters after the relaxation.

Symptoms of anxiety are similar to those of nicotine withdrawal symptoms but smoking doesn’t deal away with reducing anxiety.

Smoking and Depression

Studies that have been carried out have shown the rates of smoking among people over 18 years are twice as high as compared to adults without depression. Depressed people experience difficult times at the moment someones tries to quit smoking do develop severe withdrawal symptoms at those times.

These are some of the mental effects of smoking you should know.

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