Sore Teeth from Braces: When will You Feel it?

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Sore Teeth from Braces: When will You Feel it?

There are so many people who have crooked teeth that do not want to avail orthodontic procedures. Some would say that it is too pricey, but more would say that they are afraid that braces can cause severe pain in the mouth. But is it true that you would feel severe pain from Orthodontic braces procedures? Can you really have sore teeth from braces?

How do braces work?

Orthodontic braces, whether metal, ceramic, or lingual braces, follow the same process in straightening your teeth. Brackets attached to the teeth are connected by wires and adjusted by gradually presenting pressure to move your teeth to their correct position. Elastic bands and other tools that help support and add pressure or tension to your teeth are used to straighten your teeth alignment.

Do braces cause pain?

Well, yes. But the amount of pain may depend on different things, like the severity of your malocclusion, your pain threshold, your dentist’s or orthodontist’s expertise, and your lifestyle and maintenance of the appliance. For instance, if the crookedness of your teeth is severe, the manipulation and pressure to correct your teeth alignment are far greater than with patient who has slight teeth imperfections. Likewise, if your dentist is new to this field or is unaware of the discomfort you are feeling, or you are not following his instructions about the changes you need to do to help maintain your braces, then chances of feeling pain and discomfort during your orthodontic treatment are very possible.

When will I experience sore teeth from braces?

sore teeth from bracesThere may be three scenarios during your orthodontic procedure when you will feel discomfort. The first one is when you first get fitted with your dental braces. Of course, this is the first time you will feel the pressure on your teeth, so a slight to moderate teeth and gum sensitivity is to be expected. This may be temporary though until it comes the time to adjust the tightness of your braces. Since this presents a different level of tension, your teeth will need some time to get used to it again. Finally, after the many tightening and adjustments during your procedure, the last instance that would cause you some pain is when it is now time to remove the wires and brackets. But don’t worry, the discomfort you might feel during this time may not be as noticeable as the pain you felt while you’re still wearing them.

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