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Types of partial dentures

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Types of partial dentures

A partial denture has become the perfect solution to people missing some few teeth.  And if you’re looking for one, the dentures at liverpool are proven to be of high quality. Although dental implants can still be used to replace missing teeth, the cost of each implant is very expensive. This has made partial denture to become a popular way to fix a missing tooth. However, there are different types of partial dentures which we have discussed below.

a) A cast metal removable partial denture

Mostly in this method, a rigid cast metal frame to hold a high-quality replacement tooth. The metal clasps are used to hold the cast metal partial with the natural teeth. It’s less expensive and can last for years

b) Acrylic removable partial denture

This is also known as “Flipper”. Metal clasps are used to attach the flipper with the natural teeth. One can fairly eat and speak with the flipper attached to the mouth. However, the flipper is visible when smiling or talking. It’s also bulk in the mouth, therefore, making them a temporal solution.

c) Flexible partial denture

This can be said to be the solution for both cast metal partial and acrylic in case you feel uncomfortable or allergic to acrylic. It is made of a thin plastic that is sensitive to heat but looks realistic and very comfortable. A thin gum colored clasp is used to attach the tooth in position. types of partial dentures

d) Fixed bridge

This is the perfect replacement solution if you have one or two missing teeth. However, the teeth’s beside the missing tooth must be healthy. Unlike others, you don’t need to remove the fixed bridge and you even brush it like others. The replacement tooth in a fixed bridge is referred to as pontics.

e) Implant supported fixed bridge

This method is ideal for people with several missing teeth or those who don’t want to damage the structure of their existing healthy teeth. Here, small posts made of bio-compatible titanium are created which will be used to support a series of dental implants. This can, therefore, see a full arch replacement of teeth. Like the fixed bridge, the implant-supported fixed bridge is permanent. Even though it’s expensive, it’s long lasting.

In conclusion

It’s good to first seek professional recommendation before you can settle for any type of dental denture. There are several varieties of the partial dental denture but all work the same. It’s good to go for the option that will suit your budget and fulfill your dental needs.

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Pediatric Dental Specialists: Help children smile beautifully

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Pediatric Dental Specialists: Help children smile beautifully

A reason behind a child’s smile can be pediatric dental specialists. A child smile can lighten up your days like rainbow and sunshine. A pediatric dental specialist plays an important role in your child healthy smile. Pediatric dentistry is the dentistry branch which is dealing with kid’s oral health from birth through adolescence. It is recognized by the American Dental Association. Dental health needs to be considering an integral part of a kid’s overall good health. Good oral care is a key to a lifelong shiny smile.

Pediatric dental specialists provide comprehensive pediatric dental treatment and orthodontic care to the children. You can ask them, “Can an infant get dental crown?” The main purpose of this branch of dentistry is to educate the patients (children) to care for their oral hygiene, teeth, and gums to avoid any dental disease in the future.

They are specialist of their branch and are well trained to understand the treatment recommendations based on individual child concern because they understand that each child is different. A pediatric dentist is specially qualified through extra training, experience, and certifications to treat special dental need of infants, children, and adolescents.

A pediatric patient has a different dental structure than adults, but each pediatric patient may have a specific dental problem that is unique to a kid. This may include infant oral care, fluoride treatment, cosmetic restorations, sedation dentistry, and athletic mouth guard or any other dental emergency.

A Pediatric dentist focuses on prevention to both parent and children through education. Often they suggest some alternative option that is pocket-friendly and easier for the pediatric patient. Their primary mission is to provide a cavity free pediatric future with a sunshine smile.

  • pediatric dental specialistsInfant oral healthcare
  • Silver Fluoride treatment
  • Cosmetic restorations
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Athletic mouth-guards
  • Emergency dental services
  • Early Orthodontic Treatment
  • Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment


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Getting The Right Children’s Dentist

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Getting The Right Children’s Dentist

When you become a parent, the entire world can become hazy. Before you know it, the child begins to grow teeth. Like adults, children also need to take care of their teeth, they need to visit pediatric dentists so that the dentists can look at the teeth of their young patients. Just like choosing a pediatrician, you also need to show the same utmost care in choosing the right dentist for your child and DentalSpot in Burwood will make it easy for you to find one. But before choosing your children’s dentist, you must consider the following guidelines.

A good children’s dentist should have the following features:

One of the most important things to look for in a children’s dentist is their credentials. These may seem trivial to some but for most people, it is important to know how well the dentist is qualified. Credentials are usually suspended in a visible place where everyone can see them. In most cases, their diplomas and degrees are suspended along with the training and other relevant seminars they have joined or completed.

Children get sick, fall asleep and may forget to tell their parents until the last minute. They can be unpredictable, so the pediatric dentist needs some flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments and cancellation policies. While they may not be able to accommodate every last-minute request, regular customers should be attended to when such emergencies occur.

Dental pain can be very frustrating, and children are not the best at controlling their emotions. They can cry and yell at the slightest prick of the needle. This is why a good dentist for children should be patient and understanding. Instead of feeling frustrated, they will take the time to calm the child, and they may have some tricks in their package to distract them from focusing on any possible discomfort.

If you think you’ve found the perfect dentist for your children, it is advisable to get some feedback from former clients before booking an appointment. Searching online is very easy, fast and handy.

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Treating Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

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Treating Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

Tooth pain during pregnancy should not be taken for granted. Most pregnant women overlook the risk of prolonging the toothache for a long time and think that taking medicines and taking medications may affect their baby’s health.

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This carelessness can lead to unnecessary stress building up. The stress that the pain brings affects not only the mother but also the baby in your stomach. Tooth pain is rarely bearable and in most cases sleepless nights. Insomnia caused by this pain can also make the baby restless and tense.

The pressure increase in the neck and jaw area is above all the most pervasive and would also prove to be the most persistent pain. First aid remedies for a severe toothache are safe for pregnant women as there are alternative medicines that can be used. To relieve the pain immediately, pour a teaspoon of rock salt on eight-ounce lukewarm water and gargle, focusing on the affected area. Put an ice-cold compress on the chin line and lie down slightly inclined to reduce the pressure.

tooth pain during pregnancyIf the pain persists over several nights despite natural remedies, the dentist should not go to a thorough check-up. There are many causes of tooth pain, and tooth decay or tooth decay is just one of the few.

Abscess in the decayed tooth causes inflammation and infection and may have affected the gum area. This should not be taken lightly as the abscess may in the future lead to heart problems, such as rheumatic heart disease.

For pregnant women, it’s important to avoid stress, to find peace and to relieve unnecessary pain in order to give birth to healthy babies. A trip to your dentist should not cost you much time and money. So next time you have sleepless nights for a toothache, you should visit your dentist. Your health and baby should come first in your head, and your toothache should be given priority.

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Can stress cause toothache? Unfortunately yes…

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Can stress cause toothache? Unfortunately yes…

There is absolutely nothing worse than a continuous toothache. The teeth can suffer from extreme pain due to several reasons. There are many patients who have an excellent set of teeth with no sign of any disease but complain about pain. The dentists from Dentistry on Solent – Baulkham Hills, NSW warn that stress or anxiety may cause a toothache. But anxiety is to blame not only for dental problems but for general health issues as well.

So how can stress cause toothache?

Stress is the leading cause of Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome (MPDS) which leads to pain around the joint in front of the ear. Continuous stress leads lead to unknowing habits as teeth grind each other. Additional stress on muscles holding the jaw is generated which eventually result in muscle spasm. The pressure near the jawline will create pressure in around the teeth area. In addition, the patient experiences abnormal jaw movements causing excessive pressure on the joints. Prolonged stress will cause pain which radiates to the gum, jaw, teeth, or even around the neck.

Common symptoms:

-Continuous pain which is difficult to find the origin.
-Pain radiating around the neck, shoulder, and jaw.
-Jaw clicking during opening and closure.
-Pain which appears mostly in the morning.

The grinding of teeth can result in Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) and a misaligned bite pattern.trying to figure out if can stress cause a toothacheTooth pain can appear around healthy teeth due to the undue stress placed on the roots. You can also break your teeth if you grind them at night. Patients who seek treatment are asked about their history and if the suffering is from depression or emotional outbursts. They are advised to visit a general practitioner to relieve the stress.

Following a healthy lifestyle, meditation, and yoga have a huge impact during the healing process. It’s recommended to use a hot compress on the affected areas. Identifying the underlying cause of a toothache will help you assess the next steps to take. There are natural remedies which will help you sleep well at night and forget about the pain.

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