The Many Uses of a Medical Compressor

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The Many Uses of a Medical Compressor

A famous compressor brands like Cattani is used in many industries today. And the reason for this is that when tools are powered with compressed air, they are more reliable and consistent than when powered with electricity. However, it is not only in industrial establishments that compressors are used.

Today, even in the medical field, compressed air is being used more than ever. The most basic use of a medical compressor is to deliver air that can be breathed to patients. This is the reason why it is important that medical compressors ensure that the air is free of contaminants and very pure.

A medical compressor are unlike compressors in different industries. The main reason is that in the medical field, compressed air is used within the human body. This is why a higher standard of air quality is required in medical compressors than in any other industry.

What, then, are the other uses of medical compressors? Let us find out below.

Medical compressors are used in rehab centers. When a person with injury goes for physical therapy and rehabilitation, they use work-out equipment that is similar to work-out equipment in a gym. But free weights can be dangerous to one recovering from injury. With compressed air, precise resistance is given to physical therapy. This resistance can be adjusted accordingly. medical compressor

Mecial compressors can also be used in managing kidney stones. Compressed air systems which are precise are required in this situation. It can provide patients that have kidney stones with relief when medical compressors are used.

Medical compressors are also used in orthopedic treatments. With this, anesthesia is no longer needed when performing minor orthopedic treatments.

In the dental industry, there is much use for compressed air. It can be used for, polishing, cleaning or drilling teeth.

Veterinary clinics also use medical compressors for injury rehabilitation and respirators.

With these many uses of medical compressors, we can expect it to play a significant role in the development of the next best treatment device.

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