How to treat a cavity on a front tooth

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How to treat a cavity on a front tooth

A great dental routine can give us healthier mouth and oral health. But if we don’t practice dental routine, it can cause dental problems such as cavities. Cavities occur when acid produced by your body comes in frequent contact with the enamel of your teeth. The result is that, over time, the acid destroys the tooth’s enamel and the layer underneath the enamel called the dentin.

The enamel of your tooth is actually the hardest substance in the human body and serves to protect your teeth from decay. When that enamel is damaged or destroyed entirely, decay and another name for a cavity is tooth decay. Once your tooth or teeth begin to decay, you have a cavity and will need to have it treated by a dentist. While many people have experienced cavities, they may be unsure how to treat a cavity on a front tooth.

Fortunately, the cavity on the front tooth is treated just in the same way as most other cavities. So if you were concerned about the appearance of your front teeth post cavity, you can relax. A cavity on the front tooth will usually be treated by your dentist with a filling. Your dentist will remove the decayed part of your tooth (the cavity) and fill the empty space with strong supportive material.

There are five different types of fillings a dentist can use with Silver amalgam being the most popular because it will last up to 15 years. Unfortunately, because your front teeth are the most visible, Silver amalgam, is not the best choice for a filling for a cavity on a front tooth. This because while strong, it’s not an aesthetically pleasing option.

In the case of your front teeth, your dentist will likely use a ceramic filling which is made of porcelain. The ceramic filling will be more expensive, but it is very durable and is tooth-colored to protect your smile and appearance.

cavity on front toothOnce your cavity has been filled, you still may need a crown or a veneer for cosmetic purposes. A crown goes over the tooth which has been treated for a cavity, while a veneer is made of porcelain and is placed on the front side of the tooth. In the case of both the crown and veneer, they can be made to match your natural tooth color. If you cannot afford the ceramic filling or want the durability of a Silver amalgam filling, the combination of a silver amalgam filling and a crown or veneer might be your best option.

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