Types of partial dentures

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Types of partial dentures

A partial denture has become the perfect solution to people missing some few teeth.  And if you’re looking for one, the dentures at Liverpool are proven to be of high quality. Although dental implants can still be used to replace missing teeth, the cost of each implant is very expensive. This has made partial denture to become a popular way to fix a missing tooth. However, there are different types of partial dentures which we have discussed below.

a) A cast metal removable partial denture

Mostly in this method, a rigid cast metal frame to hold a high-quality replacement tooth. The metal clasps are used to hold the cast metal partial with the natural teeth. It’s less expensive and can last for years

b) Acrylic removable partial denture

This is also known as “Flipper”. Metal clasps are used to attach the flipper with the natural teeth. One can fairly eat and speak with the flipper attached to the mouth. However, the flipper is visible when smiling or talking. It’s also bulk in the mouth, therefore, making them a temporal solution.

c) Flexible partial denture

This can be said to be the solution for both cast metal partial and acrylic in case you feel uncomfortable or allergic to acrylic. It is made of a thin plastic that is sensitive to heat but looks realistic and very comfortable. A thin gum colored clasp is used to attach the tooth in position. types of partial dentures

d) Fixed bridge

This is the perfect replacement solution if you have one or two missing teeth. However, the teeth’s beside the missing tooth must be healthy. Unlike others, you don’t need to remove the fixed bridge and you even brush it like others. The replacement tooth in a fixed bridge is referred to as pontics.

e) Implant supported fixed bridge

This method is ideal for people with several missing teeth or those who don’t want to damage the structure of their existing healthy teeth. Here, small posts made of bio-compatible titanium are created which will be used to support a series of dental implants. This can, therefore, see a full arch replacement of teeth. Like the fixed bridge, the implant-supported fixed bridge is permanent. Even though it’s expensive, it’s long lasting.

In conclusion

It’s good to first seek professional recommendation before you can settle for any type of dental denture. There are several varieties of the partial dental denture but all work the same. It’s good to go for the option that will suit your budget and fulfill your dental needs.

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