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Research indicates that self-care, whether it be setting clear limits or taking more time for your needs, is a key ingredient in combating stress and burnout.

Taking care of yourself increases your ability to cope with externally-based pressures that you often are unable to change. You may “intellectually” recognize the importance of taking better care of yourself, but there is a significant difference between intellectual insight and directly addressing beliefs and habits that foster self-neglect and stress. For example, if you have a hard time relaxing, you may need to work with your beliefs regarding difficulty letting go of control in order to learn how to relax.

Dennis Portnoy is a psychotherapist in private practice for over thirty years. Dennis gives presentations and conducts workshops on the topic of self-care, burnout and compassion fatigue as it relates to people in helping roles. He has published articles in Hospital Magazine and Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care, and is also the author of OVER-EXTENDED AND UNDERNOURISHED: A Self-care Guide for People in Helping Roles.

His upcoming book, INNERSHIFT: Tapping Into Your Intrinsic Worth to Change the
Habits that are Keeping You Stressed, Anxious & Unfulfilled, teaches people to overcome obstacles that prevent them from living a fulfilling life that is informed by being true to oneself.