Five Popular Dental Splints For Your TMJ Problems

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Five Popular Dental Splints For Your TMJ Problems

How to solve TMJ problems? What are dental splints? What is best for you? If you are suffering from TMJ problems or any dental issues like teeth grinding, your dentist may recommend this device to you. Dental splints can help relax your muscle tension caused by those dental problems. Read this article to know more about this device.


What is Dental Splint?

Dental splints, also known as occlusal splints or orthotic devices, are the most common dental treatment for temporomandibular disorder (TMD). These splints do not cause permanent changes in the teeth or jaw and use only for a short period. Dental splints are worn mostly at night and help ease muscle tension and stabilize the jaw. These devices incorporate mouth guard and bite plate. They help address dental problems that might cause muscle tension and pain such as bruxism and lose teeth, in addition to issues with snoring and apnea. This designed mouth guard is also for people who have a background of complications related to their bite or temporomandibular joints (TMJ) or have accomplished a complete mouth restoration.


Common Types of Dental Splints for TMJ Problems

Dental splints are typically the primary phase of treatment for TMJ issues. Wearing them help your dentist locate your ideal bite, a cycle that frequently requires at least three months. You can also use dental splints as a long-term treatment to make your best bite permanent.

Here are the most popular dental splints and what they are best for.

Over the Counter Mouth Guard 

This type of splint is the most cost-effective alternative that keeps your teeth from grinding. However, it is additionally the most troublesome choice for sleep.



This splint is a clear retainer that can likewise help protect your teeth from minor TMJ problems. Numerous patients pick Essix retainers since they are inexpensive, thin, comfortable, and lightweight.

Nevertheless, due to their fineness, Essix retainers are not perfect for individuals with extreme grinding issues. Your dentist may suggest an alternate choice if you have severe grinding, or in case your Essix retainer wears out swiftly.

These retainers are not intended to fix TMJ discomfort or dysfunction. In case these symptoms persevere, contact your dentist about another treatment choice.


Flat Plane Bite Splint and Night Guard

These splints are exceptionally intended to shield your teeth from grinding and clenching. Since they are chunky than Essix retainers, your dentist may suggest this choice if you have severe grinding or clenching problems.

The tight fit of these bite splints and guards implies that they are more comfortable compared to over-the-counter guards, and can likewise perform as retainers.


Removable Neuromuscular Orthotic 

The dentist gives the custom made mouth guard to his patient.Professionals created this removable neuromuscular orthotic using the most recent in dental innovation. This device designs to remove the grinding and clenching of the teeth, as well as TMJ problems.

Even though this orthotic is removable, it is ideal for wearing most of the time. Depending on your inclination, you can decide to wear this removable device. For example, throughout the day including eating, or the entire evening and throughout the day except for eating.


Neuromuscular Mandibular Advancement Device for Sleep Apnea 

This type of dental splints helps improve sleep apnea and snoring comfortably. It uses the most recent in dental innovation to discover a neuromuscularly balanced position for your jaw during rest.

Be reminded that a dental splint and the patient’s mouth, must have appropriate oral care. Dirty splints can disseminate periodontal contaminations, resulting serious complications for the patient. Furthermore, a splint that is not handled and stored properly may deform that can stress the teeth and jaw. That is why it is essential to visit your dentist to know the best dental splint for your condition and the proper way to take care of it.

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