Work Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

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Work Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

Your work might have an impact on your overall health. Here are the five often overlooked work habits that can wreck your teeth. You can check out with Box Hill dental clinic to know more about the usual habits that lead your dental wreck.

Chewing on pencils

Chewing on pens and pencils during work is something most of us do. The problem is, we do it subconsciously. This is an almost always overlooked lousy habit in the workplace or anywhere. When you bite on a pen or pencil, it wears down edges of teeth, making them fragile.

Caffeine addiction

Firstly, coffee kills the look. It’s acidity, and dark flavor causes stained teeth. Caffeine dries your mouth, giving cavities and bad breath. Replace your latte with green tea. Skip your cup of coffee for an extra glass of water. About discoloration of your teeth, treat these easiest of stains with dental whitening.

Lesser brushing

When you work long shifts, especially at nights, don’t disturb your regular schedule. If you have the habit of brushing at night, carry your brush to the office. Don’t wait till you get back home. Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste and handy container of floss in your bag or desk. It can be of help during lunch break too.

Work HabitsSmoking breaks

Cigarettes can stain your teeth. It wrecks your teeth through gum diseases. Cut back on your smoking breaks and eventually consider quitting it. If it’s so hard to stop, think about the smile. E-cigarettes too contain small amounts of nicotine, which is detrimental to gum health.

Replacing openers with teeth

Opening stuff with teeth is a habit that makes dentists cringe. Some people are born ready for that in the workplace, holding pins in their mouth. People rip open packaging using incisors. Such habits take away the enamel and make teeth prone to breakage. Find that scissors and proper opening tools from office supplies right away!

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