Non Surgical Nose Job, Is It A Good Option?

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Non Surgical Nose Job, Is It A Good Option?

Are you frustrated with the shape of your nose? Does it look a bit uncomfortable in relation to your entire facial structure? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then I bet you already know that there are many options to solve this problem. But there is a new procedure that has raised some eyebrows, and this is the injections to reshape the nose, an example of the non-surgical nose job.

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When we think of nose jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is surgical intervention. Rhinoplasty is always the intervention of confidence to give the nose a change of image so that it is more appropriate for your face and for your taste too. Others who are not open to the idea of blood and incisions, take more conservative measures by using small instruments, or what is also called nose clips, which can be placed inside the nostrils to lengthen or shape nose.

non surgical nose jobSo, what does nasal injection have that makes it a viable option for the aesthetic improvement of the nose?

First of all, it can be considered as a good measure to improve the shape of your nose because it is less invasive compared to the typical procedure. It is in line with the demand for painless measures that provide them with fewer risks and complications.

You see, with the traditional rhinoplasty procedure, it would require an interruption in the integrity of your skin that exposes you to infection. Other concerns include the pain associated with the procedure and the extent of the healing time.

You can still present a certain amount of pain with the injections to reshape the nose, but they are minimal. And there are no injuries, you have to wait a few months for it to heal. It only takes little or no downtime with faster results and very few side effects.

The materials used for nasal remodeling injections include Botox, Restalyne or Radiesse, and these substances are safe and are approved by the FDA.

Other advantages of non-surgical nose jobs are that it adds a little volume to the particular area in which it is injected. This is perfect for those who just want to fix a blow to the nose or a depression. It also adds more definition and projection, especially for those noses that seem shy or weak in relation to the entire facial structure.

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