Adult Braces Before And After Use

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Adult Braces Before And After Use

Most grown-ups picture a young person with those excellent metal tracks when they consider braces. While those metal tracks are as yet utilized in orthodontics, times have drastically changed. With the advances made, a cosmetic dentist can offer adults many other options for straightening their teeth, including new techniques and aesthetically attractive alternatives to those favorite metal tracks.

Useful for straightening teeth, eliminating gaps, and fixing misaligned bites, braces offer more options today than in the past. This article shows the difference there in adult dental braces before and after their application. The types of pairs available for adults dispels a few common concerns and looks at how they can straighten your teeth and correct other dental problems.

Adult Braces

The Options

Those metal tracks are still available. Your cosmetic dentist attaches them directly to your teeth and connects the individual brackets with a wire. Some adults only need to wear metal track braces for nine or ten months while others require up to three years. The severity of the problem and the pace of progress determine the length of time necessary.

Tooth-colored and ceramic braces provide a more visually pleasing appeal because they eliminate the metal and blend in with your teeth. Many patients report they are more comfortable than metal tracks.

The little trays of Invisalign are realistically invisible unless if looking carefully. Invisalign provides an attractive alternative to track braces because food can’t become stuck between the teeth.

How Braces Work

Utilized to fix alignment problems, cover the gaps, and correct other dental issues by applying steady pressure, braces can straighten your teeth, providing you with a perfect smile. When applying track braces, a cosmetic dentist uses special bonding cement to attach them individually to each tooth before treading an archwire through the tracks.

Every so often, the cosmetic dentist will tighten the wire to increase the pressure. As your teeth move, the sockets slowly change to absorb the strength to support the new position of each tooth. With time, the bone structure conforms and provides you with a properly aligned smile.

Adult Concerns

Many adults considering this orthodontic treatment have concerns about the procedure, including the amount of discomfort experienced, the length of time they will wear the braces, and the costs.

There is a mild discomfort each time the archwire is tightened due to the pressure that results. While some adults only need to wear braces for less than a year, the actual length depends upon several different factors, including the health of the teeth and gums. If there is an underlying problem like gum disease, it must be treated before receiving braces. The costs range from less than $2,000 to more than $7,000 depending on where you live and the type of pairs you choose

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