Awareness of The Characteristics Of Low Self Esteem People

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Awareness of The Characteristics Of Low Self Esteem People

Not feeling so good today? We understand what and how you feel. There are millions of reasons that people can give when it comes to not appreciating themselves. In a world where people you see in the media or in billboards are mostly the norm for beauty, thinking that a breast lift can boost your self esteem is what usually women do. Sometimes, dental concerns such as having crooked teeth also affect one’s mood. With these factors, there are lots of characteristics of low self esteem people portray in their daily lives. What’s important is how you treat yourself and how approval is not just of the people around you. Love yourself, then you will know how to love the people around you.


Top Characteristics Of Low Self Esteem Persons

Psychologists say that there are many characteristics of low self esteem people show in many ways. How do people get low self esteem anyway? There are many sources that show how great of an impact a person’s life, for example, the childhood stage can do in their adult years. Factors such as trauma, physical, verbal or sexual abuse, and other harassments may get embedded in their early memories. The result of these problems come in many forms and one common result is low self esteem.

Lacks Contentment

One of the main reasons and effects in the characteristics of a low self esteem person is due to the fact that they are not content with their life. Simply appreciating how to move forward from these issues isn’t easy though. It takes really some time and professional help to really overcome certain pain in the past.

Anxiety In All Aspects

People who have low self esteem are always anxious about their actions no matter what scenario it is. Exaggerations, paranoia, and slight obsession about the things going on in their lives are seen in irrationally made statements. They also lack the trust in someone in fear of this anxiety and their thoughts coming true.


Another major issue seen in the characteristics of low self esteem people is those that always think lowly of themselves. Self-pity is usually passive-aggressive, and very dangerous if the person is unaware of it. People that do self-pity always think that there is no hope for them and finds other people to become their saviors.

Constant Approval-Seeking Issues

People who want to feel good about themselves always seek the approval of people close to them. Issues that stem from bullying, humiliation, and harassment cause these kinds of characteristics in a low self esteem person.

Fear Of Change

Another evident problem of a low self esteem person is the fear of the unknown. The fear of changes in their lives, whether it is positive or negative scares them. They avoid risks, challenges, and looking at the brighter side of life.

How Can You Help As Someone Who Knows Them

The best way to really help someone you know who has serious issues in low self esteem is to understand their perspective. Listening is really great and knowing that you are there to listen is already a positive reinforcement. You don’t need to comment right away. Saying words like, “I’m here to help you, so don’t worry about anything else, and just say what you feel” will definitely encourage them to talk. In addition, let them finish and tell better advice in relation to his or her problems.

How To Help Yourself

If you are someone with issues like this ongoing right now, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Many times, you see yourself really tired and struggling with this problem. It might make you fed up and lead to unhealthy thinking. The best way to really release the problems is to talk to someone close to you that you know will understand. If you aren’t confident about this, there are professional mental help available online or by calling them on their public hotlines.

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