Emergency Dental Care For Your Braces

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Emergency Dental Care For Your Braces

Some of the standard emergency dental problems that may require the immediate attention of your orthodontist include bleeding gums, knocked out tooth, broken braces etc. You can read more about emergency dental care for braces at www.brisbaneorthodontists.com.au/, where you will find information about traditional and invisible braces.


During emergency dental care for your braces, you need to perform the following:

 Broken or loose brackets• Broken or loose brackets

Brackets are attached to the gums by an adhesive material. The chances are that when you face distress, then they may end up breaking or getting loose. To deal with the emergency, you can skid the brackets with tweeters to ensure it’s between your two teeth. Turn it to its initial position and skid it back to the middle of the right tooth. If dealing with this situation appear to be head, then it’s wise to contact your dentists for further care.

• Mouth discomfort

Having to deal with the side effect of braces may be sometimes difficult. One of the common ones is that it may cause some sore wounds in your mouth which may hinder you from eating comfortably. You can always use soft food to avoid more problems. If this may not be favoring you, then topical anesthetic having benzocaine can significantly help you to reduce the pain.

• Loose ligature bands or wire

Eliminate the ligature wire that may have to loosen using a tweezer. The cables that may have stuck in the lip yet they aren’t loose may be bent carefully using a cotton swab. Shall the ligature bond detach itself, then replace it using tweezers

• Cheek and Lip Irritation

Whenever you feel some cheek and lip irritation, you need to check for a piece of cotton or dental wax. You can role the dental wax into a small ball, make it flat and. Then you can cover the area that is being irritated using the rolled and flattened dental wax. In situations where you can’t obtain the dental wax, then you can use orange peel or piece of wet cotton.

All these emergency conditions may seem manageable, but the important thing is that whenever you encounter a situation that is beyond your control, then you should always contact your orthodontist doctor for an immediate diagnosis.

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