How To Get Straight Teeth

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How To Get Straight Teeth

How could you ever enjoy your smile when you have teeth which are not straightened? For sure you will always lose your confidence and feel inferior when you are amidst your friends. For a good reason, they will be seeing your teeth and turn them into a topic of discussions. But you do not have to worry because you will find a long-lasting solution to make your straight teeth in 4 months.

Cosmetic contouring

Many people do find themselves with a problem of not being able to smile especially where people are. This happens when they have misshapen tooth or teeth. But as an assurance, cosmetic contouring is the best option you have been looking for. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes for this procedure to be completed. The work of your orthodontist doctor is to ensure he or she alters the length and shape of the tooth having the problem. Sanding drill/laser is used in this case to remove part of your enamel until the desired shape is attained, this forms the solution to your problem

Use of Invisalign

With this method, you can always regain your lost smile. There are specific aligners which are designed for every patient to get their teeth in order. As time goes by, the tray will ensure that your teeth have moved to the direction anticipated by your orthodontist. You may wish to compare these aligners with the traditional braces, but you must understand that they are designed to make every patient comfortable. They are made up of a plastic which is very clear and fully fit in your teeth. For maintenance purposes, you are expected to be moving your trays after every two months until you teeth get back in line.

Metal Braces

When metal braces are used to straighten your teeth, then expect to see bonding material, brackets, ligature elastic and an archwire. They help in ensuring enough pressure is exerted so that the teeth can be moved in the direction desired by the patient. As time goes by, the teeth shall have shifted to the desired position. This may take approximately two years, so you will have to wear your braces all this period.

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