Missing Teeth Solutions

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Missing Teeth Solutions

Different people find themselves missing one or more teeth in different situations. Missing teeth isn’t a permanent problem since different missing teeth solutions are available for full restoration. Sometimes it can be difficult to handle your smiles especially when the missing teeth are front teeth which are visible when you are smiling. You should work closely with an expert when planning to eliminate the gap caused by missing teeth to enable the best advice and option to use. The most commonly used missing teeth solution that have worked well and have been adopted across the world are artificial tooth roots that give you a strong new teeth.  Other known solutions include;

1.Removable Denture

This can be used to replace missing teeth and can be tailor-made to contain one or more missing teeth at the same time. Using the removable denture to solve your missing teeth problem is comfortable since you can have it on during the day and remove when sleeping. Cases where you are missing all the teeth, a full denture is designed to replace all the missing teeth.

2.Dental implant

When a dental implant is used to replace missing teeth, it appears almost like the natural look and can’t easily be identified. With a dental implant, you will comfortably smile, brush and chew without any discomfort. During the implant, the actual root of the missing teeth is given an equal replacement then allowed to heal perfectly into the jaw bone after some time.

3.Bridge Technique

When the gap caused by missing teeth is between other healthy teeth, a bridge can be placed between them to replace the missing teeth. A bridge is a solution that is permanently set in the mouth and can’t easily be removed. In most cases, the bridge almost appears as if the tooth on both sides of the gap has been connected to eliminate the gap.

4.Embrace missing teeth

This option has been adopted by many people who do nothing about the missing teeth. They simply embrace the missing teeth and treat it as part of their beauty by remaining very comfortable even without covering it. When you are missing some of the hidden teeth that can’t be seen while talking or smiling, embracing missing teeth can work best for you provided you clean it well.

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