What Is Body Contouring Surgery

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What Is Body Contouring  Surgery

Even when an obese person has successfully shed major weight the excess skin that remains often makes the person unhappy and dissatisfied even after achieving their goal. It serves as a reminder of how they used to be. Body contouring is a solution to this. There is an increasing number of patients that want body contouring in Sydney, so if you would ike to rad more about these surgeries you can visit some Australian clinics websites to get informed.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a broad term that involves many procedures that help reshape and improve the appearance of the body. It can involve surgical and non-surgical procedures. People who select this treatment largely include formerly obese people whose skin have stretched and hung in loose folds after weight loss.

Childbearing takes a toll on the body of a woman, and some opt for body contouring to go back to pre-childbearing shape. Common areas of the body addressed by body contouring include the abdomen, face and neck, breasts, waistlines, and upper arms.

Often multiple treatments are performed, and it can be a long process since it’s risky to perform multiple surgeries in quick succession. Most of the treatments are surgical however there are nonsurgical or noninvasive options which mostly include laser therapy, high intensity focused ultrasound and suction massage.

What Is Body ContouringJust like any other major surgery, there are certain risks associated with body contouring surgery. Especially for people who have undergone Bariatric or weight loss surgery. In such cases, it is often recommended to weight for some time, almost about a year before attempting body contouring surgery. A major drop in death rates has been noted in patients who opted to wait. Other possible complications include wound infection, excess bleeding during surgery and in some very cases blood clots which have been fatal.

However, it’s largely safe with a recovery period of a few weeks usually depending on the procedures done and the patient’s healing rate. It is advised to resume light activity gradually and always to follow the physician’s advice. Body contouring has been helpful for people to regain self-esteem along with beautiful appearance and is a usually safe practice.

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